You Create the luxury look with Scatter Cushions and add softness and texture to the your clients interior environment.  

You create the luxury look interior design product knowledge by Jayne Triggs
You Create the Luxury Look
Add a touch of elegance interior design product knowledge by Jayne Triggs
Add a Touch of Elegance

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You create the Luxury look with a stylish but practical finish to your scatter cushions by adding a bespoke elements. And as with most cushion are there to be used not just to give a complete balance and finish to a room. Also sometimes match your cushions with your curtain drapes. 

A cushion can be a display feature only, top dressing your bed to give it that welcoming feeling.

Styles you have a vast choice from oblongs to squares and round plus bolsters. And how you finish the edges whether you are using piping or cording with a flange edge. Adding corner key tassels, or topstitching a braid.

Also you can do a pleated contrast edge or do a double frilled edge with piping. Oxford style or flat border. Envelope style with a contrasting edge, add buttons. And also you can add panels of contrasting fabrics, within the style of cushion.

Mix and match your fabrics introduce a new colour to the room. Make sure that you do different sizes the larger ones at the back with smaller ones in the front. Break up the styles give a mixture to a room. Cushions are a great way to add texture to a space.

If you have used a corded style tie back on your drapes normally will find a matching trim that you can use on your cushion edges. It gives you that continuity and style you can still achieve this on a contemporary design.

So to the filling of your cushion Know let’s take the polyester:

It is anti allergy and good if you have an intolerance to dust. The drawback on these they’re not actually good and comfortable to use. They are ideal for display only, they do tend to collapse when you actually use them. But they have advantage they will spring back into position after you’ve released the pressure. Ideal for your bed display.

Positivity of using feather pads:

Now for comfort as well as that luxurious look use feather. You can get an anti allergy feather pads, there are more expensive and a little bit more difficult to get hold of. And you are slightly more limited with sizes. Use them on your sofas or chairs anywhere that you’re likely to want to actually use them. You create the luxury look but also the comfort.

There is a style, shape and finish that will do all interiors, just waiting for your design.


Ps: So please check out standing ahead with the right heading part one to give you to create the luxury look with Bespoke finish to your curtain headings.

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