Learn how to focus S= Service you can provide for new and aspiring interior designers a interior design business by Jayne Triggs

Help you Learn How To: FOCUS S = Service You Can Provide For New & Aspiring Interior Designers. Creating the right image and no mixed messages in your New Interior Design Business.

We’re going to cover one subject, that’s Clarifying Your Business! which is Fundamental for you to get the message out their straight away to your clients.

What you actually do, so that you don’t miss something that You provide. They may have gone somewhere else because what you do is promoted all over the place which gives you mixed messages.

Now, I’m going to give you an example. Let’s take when you’re going to a supermarket and your shopping there.They have to entice customers in the exact same way. Making sure
that you understand what they’re selling as well.

Now, I do think personally they do not do it quite as well as they could do it. This is my personal option that they think if they put a lot of their goods in a lot of different places they’re going to sell more.

When I go shopping and I find the item, that I’d like normally you would expect to find several choices. So you go choose from the selection in front of you and you’ve made your choice. Then you look at other items, now I find it most irritating that I’ll go down the aisle.

My mind has moved on and then you find two other items there. That I didn’t see or wasn’t even on the same shelf as before. So you have to then backtrack your mind, then think do i want to keep the one that I’ve already got in my basket. Or shall I now change it to one of these two other choices?

In most cases you don’t bother you think? Oh, okay.I can’t be bothered then you move on. So it could have been two more expensive items that they were Promoting, possibly would have gone for.But because they were not with the other items you couldn’t be bothered.

So you must make sure that in your business even your shop that you actually have everything together.So it’s all together and it’s all neat tidy and all options are out.
And if you have a new range to go with it rearrange your shop again, so that you still have all the relevant ones together.

It gives that customer more choice and CLARITY!!!

How we tend to shop is we scan, specially if we’re going into a small shop we scan around first. Yes Okay, and then if we see something that catches our eye. We then take the time
to go in and really look in deep at that product.

So you need everything in order of relevance with Clarity so that you see all the different details. Make sure that you’re promoting out everything that you do. Your most dominant
Services you do are the ones that you do the most. Should be always at the front that’s the first thing that anybody sees.

This is the same when it comes down to advertising, again in your advert. You must make sure that it clarifies everything that you actually do. So that Nobody misinterprets your products and services it covers everything.

Get somebody else to read it, make sure that the wording can’t be misunderstood or taken in a different way. So if somebody else is reviewing the advert they are thinking on a different wavelength to you. It’s giving you that double check that the advert which are paying for all your effort is being promoted to the right clients.

Brilliant everything’s there, the customer think so. Ah, this is me. This is what I want and they come to you. Please try and do that with all your things, your service and products.Whether you’re advertising your shop and yourself. So that it’s the whole package, it’s there neat and tidy it helps you go forward with your business.

This will increase your profits and take your business upper-level, Understanding How To Clarify Your Business.

FOCUS Service You Can Provide as New Aspiring Interior Designer. It’s just letting people know what you do in the right way. If you don’t someone else will, that customer needs your product and service.

I hope this has helped you now all is required is for you to take ACTION!!!

Ask a good reliable friend or family member to revise your shop once you’ve done it. They will be looking with fresh eyes and see something that’s not quite right. This will help you tweak the overall look to give a balance. Make your business customer friendly and inviting.

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