Standing ahead with the right heading part one interior design product knowledge by Jayne Triggs

The Right Heading to standing ahead with the right heading and why we can make a difference with a curtain headings. You create that touch of luxury with exclusive heading styles.

Pencil Pleat:

The right heading pencil pleat a simple heading. And ready-made curtains use this style Is it accessible from your retail store. As it is easy to pack the curtains.They are completely flat until the client gathers the heading by pulling the cords.Soft rustic look to the curtains not uniform at all, once fitted and draped.

Give your client a bespoke look to pencil pleat by adding a stand-up top border 5 cm in depth. Plus if the curtains you are supplying with interlining, make sure the interlining goes into the top stand up. You can turn this into a bolstered finish, by ruching the stand up along the top of the gathered pencil pleat heading. 

This is ideal for your country properties or the little cottage. If the curtains are full length it would be ideal to puddle the drop.

Also you can get 15 cm depth pencil pleat tape, just remember to buy one that has four cords to the back.You will need this to help structure when gathered the heading tape to stay in place. 

I’ve had personal experience of using only three cords for this style. And the heading does not stand up straight. You have to fit to the back of the curtain heading a tape. An extra tape to support the heading. And Keep it in place with hand stitching. So imagine the extra cost to you, your curtain gathered to the right size. And then your seamstress has to stitch on a tape to hold it there.

This 15 cm Pencil pleat heading you can still put a top stand up off 5 cm Above the heading tape to give you a bolster the top.

You can use Pencil pleats on a rail or pole.

Tab/Tie Top:

The right heading a second choice for ready-made curtains, because again they are flat and can be easily packaged. Mostly used for voiles or lightweight fabrics for unlined curtains.

We can make a difference to this style of headings in the made-to-measure collection. You can use contrasting fabrics on your tabs/ties. Alternately different colours of fabrics giving a bespoke look, add buttons to the end of the tabs/ties. 

You can have them made with linings and find no difficulties. For the best result I would use two different coloured fabrics each side, not a lining cloth.

As the drape on these are very random and you will tend to see the back fabric at times from the face of the curtains. The fabric will drupe between each tab or tie, that is the nature of this style of heading.

Because you can only use Tab/tie tops for poles.

Eyelet Heading:

The right heading Third option for ready-made curtains, at present the most popular of choices due to the fact that they are quite contemporary. They come packaged flat so easy to work with and store. 

The eyelet heading using rings, on made to measure curtains. Because there is a choice of rings up to you 16 different colour options. Plus 3 different size of rings 40 mm, 50 mm, 66 mm.

This style has a very tailored and precise finish. You have a look of columns when pulled back to show your window.

You can even use a velvet fabric, I have used black velvet with silver 66 mm eye rings. This gives you quite a stunning look, with a lining as well, I never make velvets unlined.

You can only use Eyelet heading for poles.

The aim to make the different styles of heading, to give them a different look rather than  something you can buy off-the-shelf. And when you look at the finished result you instantly know it has been bespoke handmade for you. 


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