Master Course For Interior Designers

The course will cover a step-by-step with tips and strategies to develop and grow your business.
So that you are ahead of the trends and you stand out and above all other Interior Designers. You tailor your special skills and project your creativity to achieving the ultimate Wow factor for all your clients.

Module 1 – Analysing You And Your Business

This is the Foundation of your Business and Fundamental for you to move your Business forward.

Module 2 – Framing your Business

Clarifying and Distinguishing your Business, to Stand Out and Above your Competitors.

Module 3 – Equipping your Business

A Real Massive difference, you’re Vital tools and equipment, The Professional Look.

Module 4 – Benefits

The Benefits for the Brief, taking the clients Personality and Preferences into their Environment.

Module 5 – The WOW Factor

Taking the average to the extra ordinary with your Design

B = Brief – Asking the Right Questions, and taking down the Clients Requirements Precisely.

E = Environment -Your Clients Dream, a place to Reflect the personality.

N = Notes – Plan and Execute precise and Clear details to Measurements

E = Employee – Mutual respect and creating a long-term Professional relationship with your employees and subcontractors.

T = Finishes – Dressed to kill, Aiming for Perfection.

I = IdeasĀ – Your Creativity

T = Time– Orchestrating your Time, structure and plan.

S = Solutions – Implementing changes to Problem Areas.

Bonus 1 – The Ultimate Window Display.

Creating an Extra Service for your Business, The Silent Salesperson working hard for you and your Clients, Day and Night.

Bonus 2 : Title The Entertainment Room.

Up-and-Coming Trend, Added Additional Service. Deal with the Hidden Pitfalls.

Bonus 3 : Rolodex off Suppliers.

My recommended and reliable suppliers I have built up over many years.

Step-by-step course with support: Discover how to develop your business with details how to increase your profits and attract your ideal client.

Clarifying your unique speciality to stand out and above all other Interior Designers.

Sharing some inspirational insights in to Interior Design Industry for you to unleash your creativity and achieving the WOW factor for all clients.

For your Success to grow & achieve Financial Freedom.

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