Arbutus by Kathleen Kersey for Morris & Co

Morris & Co fashionable decorating firm renowned for its wallpapers and textiles from the nineteenth century. William Morris (1834-1896) was the single most influential designer of this  century. Morris attributes were being an outstanding designer. And a political theorist, he worked as a scholar translator. He was a publisher, environmental campaigner, writer and a poet.  The company has grown over the years and today Morris & Co guarantees authentic versions of those designs, Along with new  interpretations,  using  innovations in printing and weaving technology. To create up-to-date fabric and wallpaper designs with timeless appeal.

Morris & Co is one of the companies that do not bring out a new collection each year, they take many years to create a new connection, as the design has to appeal and stand the test of time. The designs which they created are suitable for a stately home, country manor house, barn conversions and the quintessential English thatched cottage. Countryside home giving depth and colour with their designs.

Morris & Co designs fabrics and wallpapers for the historical periods. And also today some wallpapers are still produced by hand-blocked finish, As with fabrics as Linen union, Tapestry fabric rarely catered for in this industry. I personally love using this fabrics and wall coverings.

Featured is  blackberry briars with berries and white flowers covering the upholstered chair. A stylish pattern designed in 1897 by Kate Faulkner. The Blackberry briars comes in dramatic colour ways and also available in fabric and wide width wallpaper.

In the photo is a Bamboo design an adaptation taken from the original hand-painted watercolour housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum. There are samples of the wallpaper found in the Morris & Co archives. Highly influenced by Japanese design motifs.

Featured in the photo created by Kathleen Kersey a member of the Morris & Co. On the eve of the First World War in 1913 Kathleen designed Arbutus with in the design studio. Morris & Co still today produce this design, which perfectly captures and represents a period in are history.

Interior Design Tips:

Designers all use a colour palette exclusively blended for them. When you are choosing a pattern fabric for your client. From a collection and if you require a plain fabric to contrast with the design. Always go with the same company. The dye shades will be from the same colour palette to match. Remember dyes take differently onto fabric cloths, and wallpaper reacts differently to the same dye shade.  You will notice this if you use the wallpaper onto the walls and place adjacent with the same design fabric cloth. For your curtain drapes they can look massively different. 

Morris & Co some of their fabrics are not suitable for bespoke curtain headings. I will now give  an example from experience, with the design  leaf pattern with contrasting  colour berries. The berries within the design and my first impression looking at the fabric evenly placed, on closer inspection they are not.

To my horror the fabric made and joined  ready for pleating the heading for the curtain drapes. The closed curtain drapes at night you only view the berries on this design. And to this now changes the whole design concept in the daytime. But paramount too tying in the design, to the whole clients project the berry colour within this design. I was  unable to adjust the pleats to make the berries come to the front of the curtain drape. 

I had only two choices available to me. Firstly one use a pencil pleat a gathered heading but this did not guarantee to see enough of the berries on display in the day time. Second choice to reselect a new fabric, and that’s what my client chose. I had to take the cost implications.

This will give you an insight to look at all fabrics. To think where the pleating is going to be placed across your fabric width. Fabrics are not suitable for all situations it’s just for you to select the right one for that purpose. All designs can be used somewhere within Interior Design.

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Ps:  Please check out Interior Design Product Knowledge standing ahead with the right heading part two. Detailed information on bespoke tailored headings.

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