Sanderson is an internationally renowned brand in interior design and decorating  founded by Arthur Sanderson in 1860. Known for its traditional English inspired designs,  quintessentially English fabrics and wallpapers, bedlinen, paint and tableware collections. Sanderson’s core products are based on documents from existing archives. Offers inspirational products and design innovation, exceptional quality and value for money.

The Sanderson company draws from creativity of young contemporary designers working alongside artists and historical  documents. Producing designs with a mix of new and  archive designs created for todays  modern living. Sanderson company is  innovative with the production techniques and use of colour. 

Last year Sanderson celebrated  160 years, producing and creating fabrics and wallpapers within the Industry of interior design. To which it has been influenced by nature and inspired by the English countryside. So their range of fabric designs use iconic  botanical floral prints and matching wallpapers. 

Sanderson’s collection offers a choice of  1885 fabric designs, 548 wallpapers and 154 complimentary coloured paints.  All in their unique blend of dyes for their  branded colour palette.  

Over the last 30 years, I have used Sanderson products It’s been a pleasure for me and my clients have been delighted with the end result for their project. The collections of designs cater so well for the more traditional client. The ease in which you can design a room using Sanderson’s products. You have a collections of complimentary fabrics to use for your upholstery. And also when you use the fabrics for soft furnishings use a compliment with matching wallpaper. The paint tones using the same dye mix that gives you that completed finish.

The floral prints have so much detailed lifelike as if you’re looking at a flower that you can actually pick off the fabric. The fabric has a beautiful handle to it. And drapes so well , you will need to use  interlining on all  Sanderson’s fabrics. That we use for making curtain drapes and roman blinds. 

My recommendation is you use a natural interlining  to complement the natural constructions of the fabrics. The weight of this interlining is entirely up to you as to the finish result you wish to achieve. The fabric design has been designed to be backed with an interlining. Please bear in mind your interlining or bump. Daylight can be seen through some of Sanderson’s fabrics and you may be require a blackout lining.

Please remember to check out when you have a half drop match pattern repeat on Sanderson’s fabrics.  That you may have a pattern repeat half drop, which you normally alternate the cuts with the half drop.  Because on some patterns fabrics the pattern repeat with the half drop  goes across diagonally. It will take you a little bit more time to work out. As where you can use the surplus of cuts. It will be more wasteful of fabrics, I recommend  you use some for scatter cushions, valances or tiebacks. Sanderson designs lend themselves naturally to be used for Soft furnishing accessories within your interior design.

A Interior Design Tip:

Sanderson’s offer a service for your cut lengths of fabrics a reserve facility. This is ideal for a client that’s still deciding on an order with you. You know which design it is and you can reserve the amount of fabric required for up to 2 weeks. They will give you a reserved number code to quote. This service option has saved me time and time again in the past. As their designs are all produced and stored at their company factory. It’s apprising how much demand of the fabrics. And we’re all competing for what stock they have available at that time.

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