Focus to take action by Jayne Triggs Interior design  business

FOCUS To Take ACTION!!! So have you started to implement the five FOCUS areas covered in the last five weeks of blogs.

We’ve actually FOCUSED on different elements and I hope this has helped you start your new Venture your New Interior Design Business.


Now we first FOCUSED on F = Forward Planning that was for you to set your GOALS! Also we covered Topics: Immediately, Short-Term and Future.

This was fundamental for you to get the foundations right to know where to start, a working progression at your pace and not be overwhelmed. And so have you done that exercise I recommended. And did you pile those words place them in the order that you wish to achieve them. Also the timescale that you think you’re going to be able to achieve them. Well done if you have and like all good ventures it’s a work in progress.

Then the next we FOCUSED on = O Outcomes That You Wish To Achieve! Structuring your business. And whether you were going to do Part-Time or Full-Time basis,Your Team.

Have you made that decision are you going to be doing this Part-Time as a side-income. Changing to a new vocation and doing this as your main Full-Time business which includes premises? And I know this is early days and it all takes time. But just take off on your list the things that you have achieved. And you will still bear in mind the things that you need to do and slowly progressed through them.

The essential Team, started to employing staff to help you with this or have you managed to find those unique professional skilled craftspersons. And don’t forget you have an option for your staff to be on a zero our contract just to start with to get you going. Because this can be a temporary measure and you can take them if you like them into full employment a few months down the line. Like your professional craftsperson work with him on a freelance basis.


Plus we FOCUSED on C = Clients Who Are They? Who you were going to Serve. So are you going to be a Unique Niche or Wide And Varied.

Knowing where to go for your clients. How well you know the industry to cater for all their needs. And confirming you can start this off very very small in this business. And you can grow and grow as big as you would like, as you grow with yourself and develop yourself further.

Fourth part FOCUS U = Understanding Objectives Of Your Clients, that important BRIEF, The Residential Client or The Commercial Client.

Remember where all clients, from the commercial client their passion is their business. The residential client completing their dream project their home. And being that Dream Maker and creating the ultimate WoW factor for all your clients briefs. Plus implementing action with your Passion your design.

Last we FOCUSED S = Services You Can Provide.,no mixed-messages in your business. And Clarifying your new interior design business.

Getting your products and you in shipshape to provide the ultimate standard of perfection. And your clients at a glance know what you provide and how good you are. And being that one person they must come to 1st.

FOCUS TO Take ACTION!!! Please please please START.

Now I hope this has helped you understand and you are able to START your New Venture Interior Design Business.

I hope you have a PROSPEROUS New Business!!! Please let me know how you succeed.I look forward to hearing your feedback so please if you’d like to just drop me a comment, I’d be grateful.

If you would like to Email me on: and I’ll get back to you. Jayne Triggs.

Ps: I have put the link in for the very first letter F = FOCUS for forward planning you may need to revise it again just to help you take action.

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