Learn how to focus U= Understanding objectives of your clients from new and aspiring interior designers

Now today Learn How To: FOCUS on U = Understanding Objectives Of Your Clients.For New & Aspiring Interior Designers. What it means in the interior design business The Brief.
We’re going to cover these subjects

No 1: The Residential Client…
No 2: The Commercial Client…

Now, they both require slightly different things and what their aim is for their Brief.So let’s just go straight into No 1: The Residential Client. And what Understanding the Objectives that your Clients needs with their Brief. Residential client if they don’t know you they could come to you first of all with a very very small project.
Don’t ever underestimate just a tiny little job. Because they can lead to big jobs, The client unless they’ve had a recommendation from a close friend or family.

They’re trying you out and it’s important to them that you can understand. What they want because you’re creating their DREAM!!!

You have to get that clients personality into their environment.So they are at one with their Place and Space. They may ask you just to do the tiniest little thing first.
If you do that to Perfection and you’ve got that first little bit of Rapport from doing the measurements.Getting the requirements all the fitting done, then they’ve seen how you’ve progressed through that.They know that you can do the the standard. But also you’re on the same wavelength. You understand their needs which is so important and often that can lead to a whole project.

With the Residential client, you can get the odd client. That will say I’d like you to do the whole house doing for me from start to finish. Yes you’ll do it, but very few unless you are full on it. You’re not going to be able to do that all in one go. So you’ll take that in segments and do a bit at a time your break it down to important rooms first. Then move forward and do the larger things, but you still have to understand all their little requirements.

To come up with ideas to cover all the needs, so it has to be functional as well as look Wonderful!!!

Each room designed to move with the same theme. That you’re going through right from the first room to the last. So that okay, you may change your colour palettes. But they still have a coherent theme going through. So that you have a whole balance to the Property.

Some clients will still get you to do everything. But their budget isn’t there and so they will have a room at a time done. That might be one room now another one in six months or even the following year.You could have a client for years and that’s the beauty of this business. It can just grow and carry on and give you forward work.So it really is SUPER.

But you’ve got to build up that rapport with the customer. They’ve got to think that yes, We’re on the same wavelength.You know what I want, you know the standard that I want.Plus you can fulfil all my needs on the Brief at my budget. If it means that you’ve got to tweak some of your ideas to help fit in with the budget, that’s down to your SKILL.

Now Let’s Learn How To: FOCUS U on Understanding Objectives Of Your Clients For A New & Aspiring Interior Designer. With No 2: The Commercial Client. Now they will look at you in a completely different field.This will very to whether you’ve done a big project or not that you actually have something on your books. To prove to them that you’ve already done something so you’ve got your grounding there.But if not start off, again don’t worry.Start off with a small Commercial project and that will lead you on to another one.

You’ve got to do this slightly different way they still want their Brief met. But what they’re looking for is that you have a complete understanding of their client.
So you are doing the environment for their clients to come in too. To fulfil and make it all balance and work as one.

But you’ve got to understand all aspects of what their clients needs are not just your client who are paying for it. But their clients as well, so you’ve got two sets of slightly different things that you have to cover. And make sure that you’re covering everything, all the benefits to both parties on that for them.

Next weeks blog the final fifth part of this FOCUS. We will be Focusing on S for Services You Can Provide. Clarifying your business no mixed messages.

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