A Family Affair muddy boots interior design tips by Jayne Triggs

The Boot Room is a touch of luxury we all desire that can also be achieved in a small corner area of your clients home.   

Are Best Friend interior design tips by Jayne Triggs

We can bring the countryside so easily into our homes. So we don’t always have to live out in the sticks to have the problem. But also if you have a garden it’s surprising how much you can transmit into our homes just on our feet.

Not all of us get the chance to have a dedicated boot room. You can create a boot area immediately adjacent to your back entrance. There is nothing worse than taking the outside in with a footprint.On a rainy day you’ll  outerwear drips all over the floor, plus leaving your umbrella to dry off.  

Think of the minimum requirements that you would need for that small area.

Coat hooks catered with either a coat stand or have them on a wall. And cater for as many coats as you have space, plus the odd sun hat.

Cater for your shoes or boots with either shelves or a shoe rack. A good place to put this is beneath your wall hanging coat hooks.

The Boot Room is Ideal for fitting a box with a fitted upholstered integral cushion to the top or a loose boxed cushion. The underneath box can be used for shoe or boot polish and cloths. All out of the way but neat and tidy and ready for use. The dual purpose you have a nice seat ready for use.

Introduce a decorative flower urn to put your umbrellas in. A shelf for your hand sanitiser so that it’s easy accessible as you walk through the door specially in the times that we live in. Also a small bile of towels, this is imperative if you have pets so that you can get them warm and dry and remove the dirt. It’s a good way to display them, add a container for your car and house keys.

Remember the flooring that you use must be water resistant and easy for you to mop and keep clean. Put a large good quality doormat as you enter through the door way.  So that you can remove most of the worst of the mud before entering further into the property. 

A interior design tip, have a boot brush out side next to the door.

On designing the style for the space, the items must follow the theme through from the rest of the room.

Now go ahead and plan your own boot room space for yourself. By doing this exercise you will understand the space how to achieve the overall look. I recommend the more times that you do it  as a project this will become easier for you to be able to do that for your clients. 

Autumn has Arrived interior design tips by Jayne Triggs

Have fun it’s a great time to re-organise your own with The Boot Room as autumn has just arrived.


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