Standing  Ahead With The Right Heading Part Three Interior Design Product Knowledge by Jayne Triggs

Standing Ahead With The Right Heading Double, Pinch, Goblet pleats are interior styles for modern interior to classical traditional interior. You will stand ahead with the right heading and bespoke the different finishes.

Double Pleat:

Standing Ahead With Double pleats this heading is quite economical with how much fullness of the fabric required only double fullness. Like all the headings that use buckram they need to be handmade by professional seamstress. And they are pacifically made to the size of your unique pole or rail. The curtain will give you that uniform drape with that lovely neat finish.

I use double pleats for my curtains under any top window treatment. Example for all forms of valances or the ultimate top swags and tails. A customer has paid extra to have the window finished and dressed with a top treatment.

I Recommend you use double pleats. As using pencil pleat will give you a rustic finish to your curtains. Because of the style of heading is fixed the curtains will always hang in the same format. Whether open or closed for the duration of the life of the curtains.

Double pleats use on a rail or pole.

Pinch Pleat:

Standing Ahead With Pinch pleat can be also described as triple pleat or a French pleat. And you will require the most fullness on this style¬† 2.5 times fullness, minimum to make these pleats. This style really suits plain fabric, gives a bit more definition to the curtain heading. Also especially if you’ve interlined curtains as well.

Pinch pleats use on a rail or pole.

Goblet pleats:

Standing Ahead With the most luxurious look it is a formal style and has a resemblance to a glass of wine hence the name. Must also stuff the goblets to give them stability and that lovely shape. Recommend stuff the pleats with buckram not wadding. Buckram is more  structured and will hold the shape better wadding after a period of time can collapse.

This style suits a more grand finish and luxury.It still suits plain or heavily patterned fabric, the design of the headingstill stands proud.

Goblet pleats use on a rail or pole.

Add the Extra:

Bespoke the headings above by adding buttons. Choice to put self fabric buttons, contrast fabric buttons, or the ultimate genuine Swarovski crystal buttons. Buttons come in different sizes just choose the size that matches the drop of your curtains example small for a short drop.

Also add a trim cord between each pleat and to do a knot below each pleat. This can be a plan cord or a multi coloured cord, just as long as it enhances the curtain fabric.

Curtain Valances:

Using the styles above on valances it immediately will give a that traditional look. And Wow factor by covering up the rail. You are giving a grand top and frame in your window.

The more we can offer our clients the more tailored to their unique needs the more recommendations you will receive.


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