Champagne and strawberries interior design tips by Jayne Triggs

                                                                Champagne & Strawberries at Royal Ascot It’s one of the delights that we all look forward to.

Now Let’s take the build up for owners and trainers. With a lot of preparation that has gone into this mighty week of racing, expectations are running high. One of the most highly sought-after venues in the racing calendar.

From the jockeys with their highly coloured silks in the tack room. We can see at a glance the jockey we have chosen as they past to race to the finish line. We have to do it differently this year it’s behind close doors. I will be watching it from my television screens only. That excitement of the finish line. The Jockeys jostling around the course. 

If you are like me I enjoy waiting for the Royal carriage to arrive. What is the Queen and the entourage wearing. Fashion is as much part of the week. On ladies day I tend to look beyond the commentator. Who are conducting their interviews. What are the ladies wearing.

Yes the tips are good letting us know what the odds are. And we make a decision on what race we’re going to put our stake and how much. I will have to remember previous years. Unfortunately this year we are unable to see the fashions.

How the men where preened as peacocks in the morning suits and top hats. The ladies with their refinery like colourful flowers. And oversized hats many with the peacock feathers. Notice how nature has taken hold of the colour spectrum. And the flowers on their delicate prints.

Historically fashion fabrics. Their designs originate from the interior design drapes. With the rich brocades that would adorn the large gentry homes. And scale down to a smaller size for the ladies in their large gowns with the added lace. You will find a floral screen print on fabric that we use for curtain drapes or Roman blinds. 

The design of fabric has been scaled down and the weight of cloth is much finer. It’s the designer takes that cloth and makes it unique and you must balance the design with colour. Plus the shape and texture must also be fully practical. The two industries are quite entwined your client still has a preference design taste and that will go from their personal clothing to their interiors. 

Where we come in is with the internal venue. The racecourse has been designed by the architect the structure of the course and its buildings. Groundsman designs the course itself. You have the entertainment hubs, from the private boxes. To the elite Royal enclosure access only by a little gold badge for entry.

You must designed the Restaurant to give that total experience. The restaurant must be practical. As you indulging Champagne & Strawberries. You have created that atmosphere of excitement and luxury.

A Restaurant areas have different needs with different standards. All must be designed and balanced to give every client the ultimate experience. The client requires you on their project. You must design for them their version of their passion their business.

They are not looking at just one pacific thing. If you’ve got it right, people are looking at the whole area. And the feeling of welcoming and relaxation. client slip into the practical side without even noticing it has been designed that way.

The trend today is in experiences. And going to the races for the day becomes an experiencing the whole package. What a highlight for the day with Champagne & Strawberries.

You dress up for the day with that one to have designer outfit. You arrive by luxury car with a group of family and friends. The racing fraternity its their annual venue. To work, socialise and meet friends. If they are lucky they come back with a trophy cup plus the prize money. 

I set myself a budget and hope I recoup this with my winnings. And try not to pick the favourite, as the odds are always in the bookkeeper favour.


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