Lighting The Way Interior Design Tips by Jayne Triggs

Lighting the way… A little extra that you can do for your client. We all know that some clients are confident. And they know their style and have great taste. But there are still a lot of clients. That would like to get great taste. They are unable to do it for themselves. So they need a little bit of encouragement and help in this, your expertise.

You have design a room for them. And now you have taken care of the brief. Because you’ve completed the project. You are taking them through to see your ultimate Wow factor. So with that finished complete project dressed to kill.

A bonus for your client. Either have in place in the room some candles. You can explain where to put them. And give a full explanation of what they are used for. Because this can be done in most situations. It will be down to you. And the rapport that you have with the customer.

We Have Five Senses:

  • First we Look: Take a few seconds for that total vision.
  • Second we Hear: But we have the pleasure of music or the voice of a loved one. 
  • Third Smell: So this changes our mood for good or bad. 
  • Forth Taste: Because we have enjoyment of our food or displeasure.
  • Fifth Feel: And now this gives us space awareness. 

The Sense Of Smell:

Let’s take a look at perfume. Which creates the mood. We will choose a scented candle to invoke that. And you must remember to only have one type of smell lit. Because even if that’s by several candles. Do not mix scented candles. 

The producers of the candles spend an awful lot of time. With investigation to get the mix of oils and aromas to work together. We have the same problem. So if we use body lotion with a perfume and add a cologne. You can make a very bad smell if the mix reacts with each other.

At Christmas we tend to go for cinnamon and spices. And If we require a more relaxing atmosphere  go for lavender. Ideal for you to use in  the bathroom. Just put one candle burning with the perfume. And then have small tea lights with the neutral natural wax. So you will have the visual look with all the different tea lights. For the mood you will have that one scented candle.

Lighting the way… with Yankee candles especially with their large jars. These are brilliant for covering the scent for a large room. They are very safe and need to be burning for at least three hours at a time. And then pop the top back onto the jar you remove the smell from the room. You then can select something else to give yourself a different mood something fruity and up lifting.

But you will still need to place them in a safe place. These are ideally on a fire half, or a centre table. You  will cover the rest of the room again with neutral natural wax. Because they can be the pillar type of candle. Or the stick type that you would put in candleholders.

Always remember that the wax drips. Please make sure it’s not going to damage wear you actually placed the candle. Plus also check the flame is not likely to burn a mark when its lit. Also there is no item that can get ignited by the flame.

Formatting Of the Candles:

Candles need to be in uneven groups. And a single one, either threes or fives. I recommend different heights. So they can be done in a straight row. Or in a triangle format. Please think again of groups with in the room. So to balance off each other. To give a total visual look. And if you choose a colour candle. Make sure it’s within the pallet of the room colour. So It can be just a colour highlighter. But it must complete the room.

It’s surprising by adding candles to your dining table. It gives you that finishing touch. For your guess. It creates the mood and atmosphere before even you take a seat.

If you explain to your client where to put. And why you would use them there. Please do it in a light-hearted way. So you will be surprised by the customers response. They will receive this information as a bonus. And will appreciate the effort that you’ve actually put in.

So just adding a little extra for them. And It makes you unique and stand out. And above your competitors. Your client will remember this, appreciate it and recommend you.


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