Make your dinner guests feel welcome and at home interior design tips by Jayne Triggs

Make Your Dinner Guests Feel Welcome And At Home.

Making our special guests feel at home and welcoming is one of the things as an interior designer,  we cater for in overall bigger plan. We design our dining rooms with this in mind, from the colour scheme of the window furnishings to the paint colour and what dinner service we are going to use.

We must create the atmosphere within the first 30 seconds of our guest entering the room. If we achieve this they Feel Welcome And At Home and all the effort they feel is especially for them.

Plan of Action 

On the design and planning we know what crockery and glassware that we have, or are going to replace. This is imperative because as you creates a table scape for the dining table. Your table scape must stand out in the room, first and foremost must dominate the space.

As an interior designer you are creating the backdrop to the room and its furnishings. The dining table and chairs are your centrepiece to your room.

Make sure that you have the size of the table and seating arrangements with enough space.For  your visitors can sit at the table for a matter of hours. 

It’s apprising if you’re comfortable relaxed and enjoying the atmosphere and the company with the pleasure of the food the time goes by . From your starter to the desert and then perhaps take your guests for their cognac through to lounge.

Take the colour scheme through from the rest of the house. But it must be a softer blend of shades you must tone the colour scheme down in this one room. 

Still give a balance of colours using your light ,dark and medium shades and different textures. But there must be several degrees lighter in all aspects to what you have used in the main part of the house.

Let’s get to the Table:

Table must be dressed to kill, making sure that you have your crisp table linen and napkins. Place your crockery and cutlery meticulously. You’re fine glassware shining, also remember to allocate your tumblers and water jug.

My Interior Design Tip:

Design a table runner using one of the soft furnishings fabrics, you require a couple of these one in reserve if you happen to have an accident when you’re dressing your table or one is in the laundry.

The table with its unique bespoke table runner, will balance and bring the room together before you placed your table scape on top. 

The table runner can I have a square end for the more contemporary, modern home. The more traditional, classical home the table runner would come to a point at each end. 

Table Scape: 

Feel Welcome And At Home with the table scape, most people will do is for the festival season “Christmas”. Bring your colour scheme from the rest of the house that is dressed for Christmas. Remembering when you’re purchasing your new decks for your tree and swags allowing extra for your tables cape. Adding to the table scape bows and baubles use with natural holly and Ivy’s. 

Place onto your table runner some candles, allow for the flame not to ignite any materials near them.

Just remember height so that your guest can see each other. It may be that you use a vase with a small base and have some flowers displayed at a high level.

If you need to take a seat at your dining chair so that you get the same perspective view that your guests will see. It will just confirm that you have the balance to the table right and every guest can interact with each other.

Now you may on your invited guest seeing your dining table give you a compliment on the effort that you’ve actually taken, and the WoW factor of your table scape. 

But the highest compliment in my opinion is when you have guess. Who have never been to your home and immediately join in and feel comfortable with strangers at your table. They may not compliment on your table at all.

But you’ll know it’s one little secret piece of knowledge that will give you a real pleasure. That you have given somebody else pleasure to enjoy the company.


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