Learn how to Focus F= Forward planning for new & aspiring interior designers With interior design business by Jayne Triggs

Learn How to Focus F = Forward Planning For New & Aspiring Interior Designers to make your new Business.

Setting Goals: 1 Immediate, 2 Short-Term, 3 Future.

What I’d like you to do is to get pen and paper and I’d like you to have quite a large piece. Put it where it’s convenient for you to work on. And on that piece of paper, I’d like you to write down.All the things that you think you are going to need, simple as writing the word premises.You haven’t decided where you’re going to be.What size is going to be or anything else just write the word premises.

Next from things like bank accounts, simple thing as a tape measure.All the different parts that you feel setting up A New Interior Design Business is going to require. So I’d like you to get it all on the piece of paper. Don’t try and analyse any order to anything. When you just have to think as it comes into your head write it all down.

Get it all down on there and in any order and doesn’t matter if you’ve duplicate something.In a bit, we’re sort that out but just as you can just get it all down. And just spend some time and just write it all over the piece of paper.

No order because if you start thinking of orders,You’ll miss something and you’ll come to a stop. Okay I can’t think of anything else, then go off have a cup of tea or a coffee.
And have an a half an hour’s break completely away. Try and think about something else, completely different and break away from it.

Then come back look at the sheet again, think right what do I need start. And you’ll find that they’ll be other things that flash in your mind, have another real good go at it.
When you come to your next stop this time,I don’t want you to go back to it.

I would like you to take pen with paper take it with you. Just carry on you for the day whilst you are doing all sorts of things. You’ll find when you least expect it, something that’s very relevant and important will come to you write it down.

Don’t worry about going putting it on the pad. Just write it on your little notepad that you’ve got with you.But don’t go back to all the other, doesn’t matter take the next day or two to just keep going. Then put on to your main sheet of paper get it all down.

The Next Stage:

I’d like you to put to on separate little pads. Write the word,Immediate, next note Short-term, last note Future.

Now go back to your big sheet with the scrambled writing all over the place. I’d like you to cut up all the different words in to pieces. Like your premise, your tape measure all of it. Cut it all up once you’ve done that.

We need to do the Next Stage:

Now FOCUS on your Forward Planning and you’re setting your Goals.

NO 1: Immediate:

Now I want you to go at all your different words have a look. Put on that pile which you think you need immediately?
Okay, and once you’ve got it down there, I then want you to go back to it and have another look. Anything you think right in the next two weeks.What can I achieve can I do that is it important prioritise it.

A lot of that will move across to No 2 Short Term. But at the moment, we’re focusing on the Immediate.Try and get that down as tight as you possibly. Can you can manage getting it down to say three things.Why you need only get it down to a very very small list.

Is this is the hardest one to do, The hardest one for you to actually Achieve.Is this one the Immediate you’ll be surprised. How many people decide that they would like to do something. And they pile up what we’ve got to do so big that it overwhelms them. And do you know, they never take ACTION.

So if you’ve got that down too even if you start off with just three things.Take ACTION tick them off as you go and do you know the feeling that you get.Once you’ve accomplished those you’re on your way, you’ve broken the barrier.You’ve started your going forward with this.

So let’s move on and let’s Focus on the next category on your Forward Planning.

No 2: Short-Term.

Now, this is about two weeks later. If you’re very good and quick you can do it in a shorter scale time. But what I don’t want you to do is fill overwhelmed. You could be starting this as a side income. Which is what I’d Recommend to start with where you’re doing what you normally do now. But you can still do this at the same time.

You’re going to now look at the big pile and you’re going to put on this pile.What you need to Achieve between now and No 3 Future.Which is in about six months time, so this will be your biggest list.

So put it all down there first get them out, make them in a list then you’ll go back and then you need to look and segment them. Put at the top the next thing that you need to Achieve. Priority first right at the top and go down you might have several bits, that you’re not quite sure which is going to be in what order.Doesn’t matter,If you get them near the top and all the other bits lower down now. I know I said to you six months down the line, but anything that you don’t achieve on this you will move across to No 3.

Everybody takes things and do things in different orders, and different time scales. We have other parts of our lives that we are doing.So there’s all that to go with it. There’s no length of time, it’s up to you. But if you tick them off as you do them, you are still Achieving your Goal your Business will move forward.

Let’s move on to Forward Focusing Planning on

No 3: Future.

What you wish to Achieve in six months time. This will be quite a small list because you’ve got lots of different things and to be honest.It’s six months you will need to reanalyse where you are in your the Business.

But you may have found that you Moved a few items from the Short Term list across to this list.It doesn’t matter they will go at the top and you’ll finish those first. Look at what you wish to be planning and How far you wish to be going for the next six months. After that and any business really needs to look at their business every six months.
So it’s something you’ll get quite used to doing, you will revise every aspect again in six months.

Whether you need to upscale or or take it back a little bit.If you’ve not achieving or it’s not going as far as you want.This business is very easy to start into.Because you can take and do this whilst you’re doing your main job.It’s such an easy Business to get in.It’s also very good to have in different little aspects, and you can scale up and down all through your life.

Whether you’re a younger person and you’re just starting a family.So your hours need to be small and only do it whilst the children are at school or something.It doesn’t matter or if you’ve got a main Business, you are think actually I quite like to do this.As a sidelines, no problem, it’s just a very flexible and wonderful Industry to be in.

So I hope that’s helped you FOCUS for Forward Planning and setting your Goals.

Now in the next in four weeks Blogs, I’m going to cover a different subject.

We’ll be FOCUSING O = Outcome That You Wish To Achieve. Learn How To Structure Your Business.

Please take ACTION and do the EXERCISE.


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