What are the basics for interior design interior design business by Jayne Triggs

What are the basics for interior design. Ask yourself ? Are you Creative? I will cover the basics for interior design.

Passionate about colour, design and texture do you have a tendency to aim for perfection. This is probably in your natural make up. And as you’ve asked yourself what are the basics of interior design and can I make this a career.

Lets look at the Basics:

  • Time management, You set a schedule time for all products to be developed in order and implemented and stick to the deadline.
  • Team leader: your team implements your instructions. You make sure that you take care of your staff and craftspersons personal needs to fulfil their job .
  • Good coordinator: between client and the different professional craftspersons 
  • Willing to listen: to your clients needs and what the end result of the brief is. To take on objections to a design or problem areas of the project.
  • Take down precise details; which is imperative to the end result. If you’ve missed one detail it is a costly mistake that you will have to put right.
  • Do an accurate plan with measurements: And that’s not just the floor space it must be linear as if it’s a box. 
  • The design: You must cover all the practical side example allowing for accessibility for disabled people.
  • Your design: must incorporate the companies branding.
  • Know your products: that you’re using, all products have a positive and negative. You choose the correct one for your clients needs.
  • Full written details: instructions to each professional craftsperson.

The points above you can learn with the right help there is no problem that you cannot solve.

You are aiming Creatively to take your clients personality and their preferences into their environment. You are Creating a period design. Plus a contemporary Finish and modern, classical style.

Your client is looking for the ultimate Wow factor. You are finishing their project design that’s the home that they’ve purchased or had built or their passion their business.

It is rare that a customer will give you carte blanche to do exactly as you wish. They just inform you the budget is and you do the rest.

You will have a style and you will be able to implement that within the clients brief. As long the clients exact instructions for the brief.  They will not order with you if they do not like it. 

Benefits to the client will be the finish project on completion is that they live for many years with the end result. And they have pleasure, enjoyment of the finished product.

The benefits to you are  if you’re like myself you get pleasure out of designing. Choosing things to go together and completing the end result and knowing the satisfaction that you have given your clients.

Mistakes can not always be avoided on Projects and jobs. If you have a good relationship with your client. Be informative and honest about the project and that you wish to rectify it within the deadline.

The thing is most of the time things run smoothly and if you orchestrated your staff and professional craftspersons. You just have the fun and delight of designing. 

I hope this is clarified for you the basics of interior design 


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