Festival Season interior design tips by Jayne Triggs

Deck the Halls With Seasonal Festivities as an interior designer from autumn when we arriving in side, after making sure that our garden looking ready for winter. The seasons have changed. And we start with altering the atmosphere with the smell of using warm spicy candles. The build up to the main seasonal highlight Christmas.

A good time to change your cushions and throws with warmer softer textures. And colours to give a whole new look and feel to your rooms.

Add to your flower decorations some decorated branches or a natural look some Holly. This will just give you that flavour of the outside autumn shades within your home.

Now this depends whether you celebrate Christmas or not. I personally do as it is an important Christian holiday for my family and myself.

The key is still to plan whether it’s here in the UK in the cold autumn weather. Or in sunnier climates somewhere like New Zealand or Australia.

Things to think About:

Remove furniture or re-position.

Give all the corner areas a good clean and once you’ve decorated with your Seasonal festival trimmings you will probably only clean the basic main areas.

Have you ordered your natural Christmas tree or foliage for your garlands.

Faux trees or garlands check out the condition from last year that’s been stored away. Do you need to order extra or replacements.

Your tree ornaments check the condition and replace what’s required.If you are freshening up your old ornaments or starting completely new the principles are the same.

 Let’s Take a Look At What I Recommend. 

For your Seasonal Festivities You select the style of tree that you wish height shape and size to fit your space. Plus colour if it happens to be a faux tree. You need to decide on a colour scheme that complements the tree that you’ve chosen.

In a different shades different colours to give texture to the overall look of your tree. I will give you an example this format can be used for any colour palette that you wish but the principles are the same.

Lights to highlight your tree and your decorated ornaments. Today you can get the trees already with the lights embedded within the tree. If that’s your choice it’s done for you.

If you’re not sure what colour to use and you may change your colour scheme each year. Stick with white this will highlight your other colours on the tree more.

Gold, Aubergine, Fuchsia these are the three main colours that I’m using.

The main colour for me would be the gold. So that if I wish to change the colour scheme next year I still have quite a lot of the base already purchased. And this also influences when I choose those little individual shaped ornaments they have a base colour of gold within them.

I personally like to purchase one or two new ornaments each year to add to the collection and to keep. This is something that gives me pleasure I have done in the past with my mother. And sadly that she is no longer with us, but they give us memories. And as they are normally the more expensive ornaments they keep longevity. 

The baubles: for the tree select each colour with a shiny and a matt, two different size ratios large and small.

This will give you a balance of size and of texture and depth. When placing them on the tree make sure that you alternate all the different ones as you go up the tree.

Large at the bottom of the base of the tree and going up to the smaller ones at the top. Start introducing the smaller baubles a third away down from the top. By the time you’ve got to quarter of the tree then only use small baubles.

Plus a few of the smaller sizes also add them in to some of the gaps. After you’ve got the main large baubles in place. Go back down the tree to the bottom with the smaller baubles alternating colours.

You have placed on your tree so far the lights and baubles. Second step your individual prized ornaments. This now becomes a choice whether you use tinsel. Make sure that you do not overcrowd the tree you still want to see all the lovely other things as well.

As I think you can gather I still like a little bit of traditional look. So I actually have hand made using gold ribbon small bows. Not too many again you can see them but they don’t overshadow. Or stand out that you do not get the whole balance of the tree, it becomes as one. 

Festival Garlands:

Follow the same thing with your garlands, of course this is somewhere you would not put tinsel. Have the larger bubbles in the centre of the swag garland, place either side introduce the smaller baubles to follow through to the outer edge. Still balancing of the different colours with the mat and shiny finishes. 

You can choose to drape your garlands on your fire mantle place, Down your banister in your hallway.

Interior Design Tips:

Floral decorations, the colour schemes. Example the fuchsia for smaller flowers and introduce the gold with branches, spray-painted with a little gold. Introduce a new colour with this colour palette. The new colour would be heather for the larger flowers and this must be the dominant colour in the floral display. 

At the base of the vase I would use the principal that we have done with the garlands. But would follow the shape with the garland around the base of the vase. This will then tie in your floral displays.

Enjoy planning and implementing the transformation of your home into a welcoming Seasonal Festivities hub. 

All is required is the mince pies & mulled wine! 


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