Glastonbury Festival 50 years interior design tips by Jayne Triggs


Glastonbury Festival reached 50 years in 2020.British culture classed as a major festival event,100,000 people descend onto the festival. The logistics of organisation to cover for all of the peoples needs. From water reservoirs holding up to 2,000,000 litres. And the requirements of 4,000 toilets. And of course you need stewards to help the smooth running of the event.

The festival recruits staff from charity organisations. Because whose members receive free entry, transport and food whilst working. The charity receives their wages they have earned.

Glastonbury Festival has green eco-standards and requirements. So making sure even the lighting is only on when required.

The festival is all about the music, so you go there to enjoy the whole atmosphere. When the live bands playing with the new big headliners. But you forget about the mud if it’s happens to have rained. It’s just the enjoyment of the heady music with a lot of other like-minded people and making new friends.

This special 50th year Glastonbury Festival. We also find ourselves having to adapt. So we have to have a home experience. A session of replays of past events. One of the new interior design trends is the home entertainment hub. Artists can still interact with us through technology.

A positive outcome and very lucrative for us, is one of those luxuries, your very own cinema room. It caters form middle budget to no limitations, just create the ultimate Wow factor.

On-site they have a huge sound system  it’s 650,000 Watts,  over 292 speakers on the main Pyramid stage. Thats one problem you don’t have to deal with, as you are scaling everything down to the capacity of an entertainment room.

With the technology today being able to be receive media on different platforms, even being able to Zoom on a large screen and interact with other people.

I believe that this trend will grow bigger in size as more people wish to enjoy the experience with family and friends and not to go into a venue that you have to distance yourself. So once they’ve enjoyed the experience for their selves, it will be something that will be passed on and recommend to their friends and this opportunity will just grow in size.

Whether it’s a converted room or an extension added to an existing property, it certainly will be an added luxury to a new build or on a bespoke project, the entertainment hub and cinema room.  

Make sure you’re ahead of the curve with this latest trend !


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