What do we do as an interior designer? Interior design business by Jayne Triggs

What do we do as an interior designer? As I have been an Interior  Designer for 30 years. This Interior design Industry. Was dominated by men in the early days and we are lucky today gender makes no difference.

There is a misconception of what we actually do. I will Clarify things for you. You have profession like an architect is an example. But no one would think to question a professional architect.

Let’s take an Architect: 

You do not expect the Architect to just do a drawing with their creativity and design. So that’s the completed finished product. So they produce a full plan with accurate measurements. Plus details products use and how plus where they must be used. So details are passed over to the professional builder and for them to implement all the instructions. 

You as an Interior Designer, You have the skills and to know how to implement your creativity. Because you will to take the clients brief. Also to transform their personality in to their environment.

With the practical side like a jigsaw everything in its place and must fit perfectly. What we do as an interior designer? That we create an accurate plan of instructions and for every professional craft person. But we must orchestrate the time from the first appointment. So we complete our clients project. 

The clients project you harmonise the light aspect, also balance the colour palette. So we use different textures. You create a mood for the environment and find solutions for problem areas within the project.

On our commercial projects, You must design the interior to reflect the clients company branding. But you must utilising the space to cater for all the practical needs that are required. So allow easy accessibility for all disabilities.

Specialise in one particular area:

  • 1 The residential client, apartments, semi and detached houses, cottages, stately homes.
  • 2 The commercial project, pubs, hotels, restaurants, CEO offices and boardrooms.
  • 3 The mobile home, caravan,  camper van, motorhome.
  • 4 The nautical home, canal narrowboat, houseboat, super-yacht.

These projects are all a structured shell. Because they are just awaiting for our design to balance the exterior with the interior.  

We are Dream Makers:

Our clients have purchased or have had built their ideal space. And the perfect home or business premises. You now create for them the ultimate interior with the WoW factor.

I have clarity on what we do as an Interior Designer. 

Over the years it has been a pleasure for me to help my clients. Make their house in to their home to feel comfortable within their unique space.

For my commercial clients I materialise their vision of their business. So that their clients enjoy the environment created for them.

If we get it right the end result is stunning and it looks as if it’s always been there.


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