Learn how to focus C= Clients who are they for new and aspiring interior designers by Jayne Triggs

FOCUS today is on the letter C = Clients Who Are They for you as a New Aspiring Interior Designer. Within your Interior Design Business? Who do you wish to serve. We will cover two subjects today.

No 1: Unique Niche…
No 2: Wide and Varied…

So let’s move into this FOCUS on No 1 your Unique Niche.This is quite fundamental for you to do something very well rather than spread yourself thin in the early days. All over covering everything so what I would recommend is to choose soft Furnishings. People’s window dressings, now that’s the curtains, the roman blinds or the hard blinds.

It’s a beautiful way to start into this Industry because you still need to Design it. A client comes to you and they need help with the Fabrics.Measurements with getting it made and most of that is bespoke. So it’s still unique to them, there’s still a lot of Designing in it.

Also you have a wide variance of clients, you’re not stuck to one little small area.We all have HOMES, we all have windows.So you have a large Market, although you’re only taking one segment portion of Interior Designing.

Into the Commercial side,Hotels, Pubs they still need their bedrooms finishing for them. So there’s a lot of scope so you can grow as big as you like.Just doing that one field. It’s quite profitable for you and you need to make sure that you learn all the different aspects. All the little inconsistencies parts of that so that you actually deliver that to Perfection. You are still dealing with clients DREAMS.

Let’s FOCUS Clients Who Are They For A New & Aspiring Interior Designers No 2: Wide and Varied.

Now in this industry, well as you can imagine as the title says wide and varied. That’s from designing your Super Yachts. Again very expensive very good area to be in
and all of that is unique to each job.But you’ve got your Hotels from big chains to the small Boutique Hotels, you’ve got your Pubs.

Also you have your Commercial client, the Restaurant owner.They still need someone to come in and to create the atmosphere. It’s your part of the jigsaw is the atmosphere that you’re creating. For them because when you go to a Restaurant, you want the whole experience.

You go in and yes the food, which is your client speciality, they Bespoke the menu and they bring that to the table with Perfection, But your side of the thing is CREATING the atmosphere.That’s what we look at when we go in, we want a whole package.

You enter, you take a seat, you must feel comfortable and relaxed and at one with the atmosphere. The place needs to do all the things it’s required, to give you that total experience. Like yourself their clients will go back again and again will also recommend to family and friends.They need you to Specially Design that for them.

As you can imagine there are no limitations on how big your business needs to be. You have client opportunities everywhere, just make that decision and FOCUS in that field first.

So I hope that’s helped you understanding and Learn How To FOCUS C = Clients Who Are They, For A New & Aspiring Interior Designers.

Whether you take this into one specialised unique niches or you do the larger wider varied clients.

Next week Focusing on.Learn How To: FOCUS U = Understanding Objectives Of Your Clients, their project the brief.

I would love to hear from you, your thoughts on the subject or if I can personally help you within your business. Jayne

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