Behind-the-scenes interior design tips by Jayne Triggs


Behind-the-scenes within these unusual times. I don’t know about you but I’ve actually watched more television than normal. So one of the drama programs that has been re-release Downton Abbey. Because they have started the series right from the beginning. Julian Fellows storylines are superb. And yes I’m watching the storyline. And also following along with each episode.

Are you the same as me? So you are looking at the foreground. Because you’re busy seeing what’s there? 

Being a woman I’m always interested in fashion. And I just don’t know how these actresses get into those costumes. And they are so tiny. Because I know a screening session for them. Is very tiring and demanding. But they must live on salads? And the accuracy to details in the costumes. So well the military, what about those hats?

I’m transfixed from Screenshot to Screenshot. So whether is the dining room. For the handmade crystal. The fine bone china or how the table is laid out. The drawing room with its drapes. So whether it’s swags and tails edged with a bullion fringing. All the windows of that period have some form of top covering. That would be a hard pelmet or a valance. Edged with accessories a fringed edge.

Behind-the-scenes the room layout viewed through. Shutter frame off the camera lens. True to the period which is portrayed. From the block printed wallpaper by William Morris. They still do hand blocked wallpaper with traditional dyes.

William Morris caters for the big Estates also the odd Castle. So to keep the authenticity to their period homes. Imagine the time it takes for them to make one roll of wallpaper. You must bear in mind the height of the ceilings. With which they are catering for. Your order will take some months to be completed.

Let’s take the hand loomed rugs. We are very lucky we can still get these today. Without any difficulties. From a Chinese washed rug. So to a Persian rug that has been hand Knotted. Because there are 100 knots per square-inch. Reference take a 5 ft 6 x 7 ft 8 rug. And you are looking at 607,200 Knots hand tied. The design is exclusive for that village. And that individual family. Normally all members participate in making the rug. And it can take a family. To make a large rug a year to produce.

We are lucky today. The antique furniture can still be re-stored. So from the French polisher. So they bring the wood back up to standard. Plus the craftsman to re-upholster. And using the horse hair and the feathers to fill. All you need to do is choose. The fabric to send to the restorer.

Behind-The-Scenes.These craftsman are a rare breed. Their skills are highly sought-after. Not only do they have to get the structure. And filling of either the chair or sofa correct. The fabric has to be placed and covered without any puckering. And in most all cases. There are curvatures to each chair back. Or they come highly shaped.

Today with the large estate homes. The rooms are so large you can have the odd modern piece of furniture. Made bespoke for comfort and ultimate luxury. Still using the traditional floral linen union fabrics to cover. Or even the crush velvets. 

Behind-The-Scenes. It’s also surprising you can have the TV fitted in behind a framed mirror. So when it’s not in use, no one has any idea what’s behind. You actually have a television available for use. But they are only looking at their own reflection.

Keeping the home to its period in time. But also being able to have the modern luxuries and comfort today.

I’m so glad I live in todays times,


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