And interior design course pros and cons for interior design business by Jayne Triggs

An Interior Design Course Pros & Cons to Help to Focus and Take Action. We all start off with a desire to have a career in some form or another . To be that professional and to enjoy it, take are talent and a passion for it, to then help others.

When you start looking to do something new whether it’s a change of career later in life we will need look in the same places.

Universities or online courses, personal one-to-one course with that expert for interior design.

An Interior Design Course you need to pick somebody that you like because it doesn’t matter how good they are. If you don’t relate to them or understand them. You have a much harder chance of succeeding.

It’s down to how passionate you are about your choice. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done something completely different in the past makes no difference.

I hope you don’t mind I’m going to share with you a little of my history. So that you understand there is no limitations to what you wish to do.

The world we live in today it’s more inclusive and nonjudgemental that’s not always been the same. Until very recently apart from very close immediate family to omit to the world and even employers that I worked with. That I am partially dyslexic was just not possible.

The problem was not picked up at school as I went to a normal state school. Huge class numbers and so, unless you were very disruptive they didn’t even notice you.You find a way around things like having a little Oxford dictionary with you at all times mine is very dogeared.

In my day you didn’t have all the tools, we didn’t use calculators at school. So lucky today we have computers like mine that do dictation. I have to edit afterwards because I have said some things back to front. A good free tool that I would recommend is grammarly which make sure that your grammar is in the right place.

Just think nobody thinks of Richard Branson as not intelligent he is a billionaire with dyslexia.

My first goal and passion was to be a hairdresser, I achieve this I got my City and Guilds in hairdressing. No small achievement there are four parts to it. Part one the practical side of hairdressing ,part two theory, part three art, part four chemistry.

The two areas for me that where the hardest was the theory and as you can imagine the biggest one chemistry. I passed my City and Guilds in hairdressing.

Can you believe it, that’s not what stopped me after achieving all of this. I got dermatitis so was unable to carry on a career and achieve my own salon.

I found interior design by accident I’ve always loved art with colour and design, so I entered the interior design. Found that I had a complete and utter passion for it. I’ve been within the business now for 30 years. Through this time I’ve also trained new people into the industry. I have given that personal one-to-one training.

Learning the industry for me was like climbing a mountain start at the bottom with small beginnings and you just keep going.

My goal now is to help others as well as the clients I still do their interiors for them. And create their dream by taking their personality into their environment.

And interior design course remember it’s never too late to start something. The potential clients still need someone to do their designing. And there is still clients with the right budget if you don’t do it someone else will.

Focus on what you’d like to achieve, take online An Interior Design Course. You can actually do at your pace and perhaps in the evening or weekends.  So that you’re available to still carry on with your normal job at present.

Go for a course that is recorded so that you can actually push pauses as you go along the course. If you are taking their instructions they will be of course lots of things to do and implement.

Timescale to do something it’s very individual we all have different restrictions of what we are dealing with. Plus our learning capacity. That is no problem if you take action there is no point in someone rushing through a course. And at the end of it they don’t actually take action.

The only race is with yourself, Think positively your actions will be positive and it will give you momentum to move forward.

This industry can be done on a part-time basis from home. Ideal for beginners you can just start with one client first to achieve and complete the job. And then look for the next job you will have the first job as a recommendation.   

Once you have all the rudiments of the job and you’re comfortable with the job. That’s when you will start to enjoy your new career.


Ps: Please go to the influence of Chelsea Flower Show to help you take nature into the interior design environment.

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