Influence of the Chelsea Flower Show Interior Design Tips by Jayne Triggs


The Influence of Chelsea Flower show. This year in UK we have not had Chelsea Flower Show. Normally Top Designers from around the world competing for that coveted Gold Award. They bring inspiration architecture to the space. And making room settings and carrying out the design from the Interior of the home to the outside space.

A kaleidoscope Of Colour, which adds to the textures of different colours of the foliage. Nature at its best, preened, plucked, and dressed to kill. Because the shapes of the different flower heads. Gives contrasting tones of natures own palette. The gentle breeze off perfume, we cannot outshine nature at its best.

Over the decades we have taken so much from nature. Right at the beginning even making hessian sacking for cloth . Through the generations with different technologies we’ve been able to make a small cotton bud. Into a lovely bail of cotton fabric. Ready to screen dye with natures own colours, made from the root of a plant, a crushed beetle. 

Technology and science has been able to help us artificially make dyes and clothes. And we’ve been very good at making a good faux fabric. A good thing the trend has gone back to a more natural fabric, cotton satins, pure linen, luxury silk.

You will find in every Designers collection. They have taken nature into their design. The influence of Chelsea flower show. Gorgeous floral prints, You find an abstract as a Monet. But Harlequin with its contemporary flower, or botanical  Sanderson classical print.

These designs normally start as a painting. Whether in the past it’s actually been painted onto a canvas, or today with technology on a computer. And that initial one design sample is the designers ultimate best. Before it is turned into a collection of approximately four colour waves or more.

The design is then turned over to another skilled craftsperson. For them to take the design and carve into the cylinders. For the dyes to go through. As it’s screened onto the fabric, in a rolling sequence. It can take up to 16 to 32 different cylinders to make one design. Each cylinder is one shade of colour. They must take into account the bleed of dye so it doesn’t overlap the other colours. Then added the choice of finishing to the cloth. To make a lovely luxurious drape of fabric, that we then turn into our clients product.

There are thousands and thousands of choices of exclusive designs. As Interior Designers it’s for us to bring the outside in to clients environment. Each Designer has a trademark and it’s so easy for you to use two or three from their collections. Which actually compliment each other and you’re able to mix and match patterns.

Plus using the same dye tones. Remember each batch will of course be slightly different. But you will have a better chance of the dye tone complimenting the different fabrics. Rather than choosing a new range with another designer.

Enabling you to give depth to your project, an eclectic mix, add a plaid to the floral prints.  Because a calmer plain pure linen. Some of the floral flowers are so genuine, Because it’s just as if you’ve just picked them, and the only thing that’s missing is the perfume.

You are walking through your borders of your garden, which gives you ideas how nature orchestrates its colours. So Influence of Chelsea Flower Show it’s quite obvious how the show display the room settings.

Go and have a pew with a glass of wine, take the time to have a look at a petal. It’s made up of so many delicate shades it’s not just one colour. And a leaf with its reflective light capacity. You see how it harmonises the colours.

Enjoy the moment cheers !


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