To Much Storage?

You can Never have Too Much Storage? How much storage is required? Because it all depends on what room you are doing at the time. 

You need to ask a lot of question from your client and get the details. Because you will need to fulfil your clients requirements. 

  • 1: What items are staying and estimate size capacity that you need to cater for.
  • 2: Can you have other items store in another place and brought forward with the seasons.
  • 3: The Items that need to stay on display.
  • 4: Plus new items that will be purchased by the client that you are not aware.

Explore with your customer try asking if you could add some shelves in a certain area or bespoke fitted furniture whether it’s a contrast in wood or have it painted in the same colour to match the walls.

Add dual functioning furniture pieces, that even covers antiques. By adding the odd antique pieces of furniture even to the modern contemporary home can give you that lovely eclectic look.

Also adding baskets on to your cupboard shelves this will utilise the space more. You can fill them with the smaller items and have ordered within your cupboard. This can be matching or to brighten up that space with multicoloured baskets especially for a nursery. So when you open the cupboard you also have eye appeal.

If storage is a huge issue with a client as there is so much of it. Get the client to go through all of their items make different piles. The First pile have things they cannot do without. Second pile rarely use Items, but still needed occasionally. Last pile never used and are not wanted the client will remove and send off to charity or sale. 

You can never have too much storage a second visit will be required for you to see what is now the volume of goods that you need to cater for in your design and size of items.

At all times you must be thinking of accessibility for your client. How often they’re going to use the Items and what is priority to them.

On your commercial projects, also take the time to talk to the individuals that are using that space. Not just the owner of the business who is paying the bill. If you get it right the place flows and accessibility for everybody is so easy.

Do not forget hygiene standards as well. In reference to different cleaning products used. And are put into the correct places for a kitchen will be different to the toilet.

Plus please remember accessibility for disabled people they have different requirements. 

Who will be using the storage?

Check with your client if there is a height requirement. There is no good if you have a client thats shorter than average. And all the storage is too high, they will have use steps to reach the required item. You have not bespoke their design.

This also applies to someone that needs extra height for countertops, to make life easier for them. If they are slightly taller average normal height . This gives you a great opportunity to add an extra draw. Placed under the counter top which gives you more storage.

Remember your design must not to be too clinical, with everything packed away. Allow for some things to be dressed neatly in place. 


Ps; Please check out chasing rainbows and a good feel factor the influence of rainbow colour into interior design.

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