Waiting for your essentials interior design tips By Jayne Triggs

Cater For Your Essentials as an interior designer we must, have a full understanding of what is required and all the practicalities elements. Because like most things this will make your clients life much easier. 

No surprise more often it’s a woman’s domain the utility room. So If your client is lucky to have one or even a utility cupboard. You need to be organised and tidy, it makes all the difference a designated place to store all your essential requirements. 

We still need a designated space to store are essential items so even if you take your laundry and have it done as a service wash at local dry cleaners. Your will still need to have an iron and ironing board for the emergencies that crop up. So If there is a crease in something that needs to be taken care of.

Requirements are the same as if you need a helper that comes in to do the work for you. And you still need to design the space as if your client is using it for themselves.

Cater For Your Essentials You Require.

1: Washing machine.

2: Tumble dryer or combination washer dryer.

3: Iron with ironing board.

4: Laundry basket or built-in laundry draw.

5: Products washing powder, fabric softener. etc…

6: Foldaway clothes hanging rail. 

I recommend allowances for your clients towels, bedlinen. Your aim is to create enough space and shelves that will give the client room for all surplus linen. 

Cater For Your Essentials I also recommend to remember to put in your plan enough lighting in the room. The brighter the room you can see creases on a garment and plus it can be depressing as this room is probably one of the smallest in the property.

How much time do you spend in this location. It’s apprising how long how it take you to do a huge pile of ironing? So put some music to be actually played within the room so make some allowances. And a small radio or even a speaker from the audio system connected to the entertainment hub of the house. Check out who is actually going to be using the room before designing of course which option is use the decision is the clients.

I always ask the questions before starting to plan, this is like that with all rooms and projects you need to get all the relevant details of the brief. So to create the benefits to your clients needs if you serving there needs the happy the client is you are more likely to get the project .

This maybe one of the smallest rooms of the house but you as interior designer. You will need to recreate the space for the behind the scene essential items please do not underestimate the importance of this room.


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