Stand ahead with the right heading part to interior design product knowledge my Jayne Triggs

Stand ahead with the right heading there are three different styles of heading that I will be covering. These are Single pleat, Inverted pleat, Boxed pleat. You will make a stand ahead with the right heading that you choose for you curtains.

The construction style of heading you requires you to use buckram. Buckram is a stiffened fabric designed to enhance the appearance of the curtains and to give firmness to the heading.You can only make this styles by hand with your professional seamstress. 

There are different weights of thickness of buckram and they can be semi-translucent to use with voiles. Also buckram can be fusible with a sticky side on one or both sides . So when you use an iron to place heat on the buckram it fuses to your fabric cloth. And you choose the weight of buckram to support the different weights of cloth that you use.

A choice of depth of buckram 10 cm, 13 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, We mostly use 13 cm depth. And this depth is ideal for nearly all curtain drops you have a flexibility that you can actually cut the buckram depth down to size.

Buckram 10 cm depth cut it down to 7 cm, this size is ideal for the cottage window or caravan. Plus the motorhome or boats. You have access to give your client the bespoke tailor heading.

Use the 20 cm buckram for drops over 260 cm, this will balance out the height of the curtains. And give a statement to the tailored heading that you’ve chosen anything smaller it’s lost and insignificant.

All three styles only require a minimum of double fullness, for you to be able to create the headings. The headings will stack back nice and tight when you have them open in the day. Minimalistic tailored look ideal for the contemporary design setting. 

Single Pleat:

Stand ahead with the right heading single pleat is a flat one pleat and then a gap between the next pleat. Giving you that modern tailored look you can also stuff the single pleat to give it a fuller a cylinder look. By using buckram to fill the pleats and this will hold the shape, for the modern interior design giving you that touch of luxury.

You can use Single on a rail or pole.

Inverted Pleat:

Stand ahead with the right heading is the reverse of the single pleat you make it the opposite way around to making a single pleat. In other words the look of the back of the curtain on a single pleat now becomes the front and face of the curtain. The spare fabric that makes the pleat from standing proud at the front on the single pleat. Now is to the back of the curtains and tucked away from view. Choose this for your modern interior.

Use Inverted pleats on a pole.

Boxed Pleat:

Stand ahead with the right heading Box pleat style this gives you a wave look on the front of the curtain. At the front of the wave you have the two folded edges. One pleated to the left and one pleated to the right. This gives you a tailored look but softer finish,  has an appearance of a wave in motion. By the nature of this style it will be slightly spring when stack back so may not allow full view of your window.  

Boxed pleat can only be used on a pole.

You can take these interior styles and turn them from contemporary design into a traditional interior heading.

Use the styles and turn them into curtain valances that are fitted on traditional pelmet boards. Recommend that on the single pleat you stuff the single pleats. It immediately gives you that traditional look and Wow factor by covering up the rail. You are giving a grand top and framing your window. 

The benefit to us the customer must come to someone like ourselves to get these styles produced it is not off-the-peg items. Instantly recognised as a bespoke product luxury and quality.


Ps: Please look at accessories part two for the comfort of cushions to soften the environment.

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