Learn How To Focus O=Outcome that you wish to achieve for new and aspiring interior designers

Learn how to Focus O = Outcome you wish to achieve, as you are a New Aspiring Interior Designer for your business venture.

This week we follow on from last weeks Focus on the letter F for Forward Planning. It is imperative for whatever you do is to FOCUS fully on that one task.

This is week two and we are going to cover. The letter O the Outcome That You Wish To Achieve. As you may have gathered each week over the next several I’m taking a letter from the word FOCUS. And that’s precisely what we’re going to be doing is focusing. On that subject to help you in your new business venture Interior Design.

Structuring Your Business:

1: Full or Part-Time Basis…
2: How Big Is Your Business…
3: Your Team?

We’re go straight into No 1: Focusing on Part or Full-time. You can do either and it depends on whether you’re actually working now. Or you need to find something to doing new or you wish to cut the ties and do it straight away.

But as this is such an industry that you can scale Up or Down you can do both very easily. If you’re starting off and you’re not really sure .I would suggest that you take it on as a Part-Time or a Side- Income. You can do that very simply from home quite easy and you’ve got to remember where your clients. Where they’re going to be, are they working or not working?

A lot of people will be very happy to see you on an evening call after they finish their work. When their families are home and they’re there to make decisions. To discuss things very easily in the evening.Or the weekends or perhaps if you have a day off in the week.

Still means that all the way along you can still book the appointments. Get the work done in those times schedule. You’d have no difficulties, you only need to start with one client first. Build up from there and also gives you a chance.

To see whether you really like this, because you’ve really got to enjoy this as well. You’re making your clients Dreams come True.
You’re a Dream Maker, so you’ve really got to enjoy this yourself. It’s not just a means to the end financially, you have got to have a Passion to be Creative.

So that you can Design things so you can do either Part Time or Full Time it’s no difficulty. Start whichever you wish to do, but start don’t leave it. Just test the water and even if you don’t like. It’s so easy scaled-back finish that one job. That you’ve committed yourself to and don’t do anymore, there’s no problem.

Now, let’s take Focusing on No 2: How big is your business. Outcome That You Wish To Achieve. Again that depends on whether you’re doing it Part of Full-Time. But you can do full time, with just you. You don’t need to employ extra staff.

If you’re going into Full-Time and you decide that yes. I’m going to have premises you’ve got to remember that. You’ve going to have to employ somebody else. Even if they’re only in the shop covering you while you do home appointments .

It’s okay in the early days, you can do both. You can scale it up cover the shop go out and do the evenings. But you’ve got to think of all the cost. Of having a business that you really need to be doing both having someone looking after the business. When you’re with a client at their home appointment.

Okay your base yourself in to your premises so that you can see clients yourself. But you still need that flexibility that you can cover both. Specially when you go to be in and out into it of your own premises.

So you need to I think shall I start off one or two members of staff. Can we cover all the hours required of the retail industry?
You need to know think of all those perspectives?

Now let’s take No 3: Focus On Your Team, the Outcome That You Wish To Achieve. For the people that you wish to have within your business.

Team for you is not just the people that you’re going to immediately employ and have with you. It’s also your professional craftsperson. The people that do all the jobs for you whether it’s going out there and fitting curtains for you poles, carpets, flooring.

It’s the whole structure who are going to make those articles for you. Because the industry that we’re in at the moment it’s most of it is bespoke. It’s not going and doing a shopping trip, just put it into someone’s home, it’s already made for you.

Interior Design is you’re designing it. So you need to get the craftspeople that can do all the bespoke things for you just start looking for those. They’ll advertise themselves and check them out. See if they’re up to your standard, talk to them. Find out what they do and what you expect so that you’re talking the same language. Because everybody expectations are actually different.

So you need to see if that person can do what you want and deliver the Ultimate standard that you want. You can communicate with them because you need to find people that you like. You work better with them,I know this is all on a professional basis. But it’s surprising when you get into this industry. That you have such a rapport with somebody and they’re going to be there long term.

Hopefully with you over many many years and if you build up rapport with somebody that you like is surprising. How things are smooth and you get to know each other, how things run really easy.

Think on your team from all aspects, so whether you’re thinking of employing somebody or as a contractor for you. Need to think of how many different people plus how varied your scaling area is within the industry of Interior Design.

Again you can start off very very small, get one maker to do the soft Furnishings for you. Just getting one individual person on that, get a fitter just one fitter. And if they’re all Freelance and they work for other people. You’re only one little Cog in their their industry.

So you don’t have to worry about having loads of clients. To start with it’s just as you, fulfil your clients needs with the benefit of your expertise and design.

So I hope that’s helped you today to FOCUS on what objectives and Learn how to Focus O = Outcome you wish to achieve. What You Wish To Achieve for yourself within your New Interior Design business.

We will be Focusing on the next blog with the letter C = Clients Who Are They? Who do we serve with our products and services. You need to understand who they are so that you tailor your business to their needs.

I hope this is helping you structure yourself and your business. It is fundamental when you start something new to get the foundations of anything right first time.

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