Is an interior designer a good career? Interior design business by Jayne Triggs

He is an Interior Designer a Good Career? the Answer is Most Certainly.

There are lots of opportunities, it is never too late to try something new. Or start the thing that you really wanted to do in the first place. You can do it as a side income to start with or a part-time basis. The beauty of this business is you can scaled up or down through your career. 

You may decide to work for somebody, or specialise in one particular field. To be an entrepreneur and work for yourself. All aspects are open to you. 

The choices can be you work from home and start your business bases their first. Then progress into having your own premises whether that’s on industrial estate. Or have a small shop in the High Street or a retail park. 

You will need a team around you, remember you are the conductor of the orchestra. From the craftsperson to the fitter of your products, you design the ultimate interior for your clients brief.

This industry is big business and a big turnover. You can for an average five bedroomed house talking about retail cost. A client can spend approximately with you just doing the window furnishings for the house £23,000. This will give you some idea of the size and how much money and profit there is in being an interior designer as a career.

It is a professional trade and you will have to learn the skills to do the job. You need to pick somebody that’s going to help you in the right way. Not only they have to have the skills with the knowledge. But able to put that information across, to actually help you to achieve your goal.

Let’s look at Different Areas for you to Choose, To Specialise in.

1: The Residential Client:

You may decide to just stick to this category. Which covers flats and apartments, houses come in all sizes from the terraced, semi-detached , detached, up to stately homes, the largest of course castles or possibly Royal Palaces.  They all need an interior designer to design the ultimate interior with the Wow factor. 

This is the biggest and largest area of potential clients.

2:  The Commercial Project:

Whether you’re looking at a pub with the bar area and lounge area or if they have accommodation. They will need someone to design this for them and take into account their clients needs and also company branding.

The scope for this is you have all forms of hotels from the boutique hotel to the big multi change. You have communal areas need designing from an office block foyer to the CEOs office and boardroom.

Then you have shops and restaurants on this you will find that sometimes these areas grow organically by them selves with the owner but you will still get clients that require that bespoke ultimate look.

Still a big area and has a large potential client bases.

3: The Mobile Home:

Let’s take the park home technically this is mobile and it’s a cross between being able to move it to a new site and a bungalow. There is more scope for design here, as the individual clients will want a different aspect and look. Rather than paying a designer to design the whole range and one style for the next year.

The camper van, caravan and motorhome will be more like one style with small tweaks.  So one fee for the designer and the installer will be able to do the small tweaks them selves.

Regards to potential clients you have a mixture here a camper van, motorhome for a lot of people it’s going to be something they purchase as an extra for long-term holidays or weekending.

Majority of people that have a park home it is their main residence, with more potential for a client basis.

4: The Nautical Home: 

Canal narrowboat it’s definitely going to be a bespoke job every single one. Now of course this is very lucrative. It depends on the size of business that’s doing the conversion and making the Canal narrowboats, To whether they can call you in as a freelance consultant or are able to have you as a full-time member of the team.

Houseboat this can be done over single story or two levels, I would say a maximum of three stories high. This will be again bespoke and individually to the clients requirements so you will have a lot of input and design to do.

Super-yacht, skies the limit there is no limitations of what you can do apart from the size.

I reference only super-yacht because the smaller boats and yachts there is a limitation to what you can actually fit in. To the design of the structure of the hull, they will have more input into what can actually be fitted in within the space. Where the engines are going to be fitted, so you don’t have such a choice of design. 

Remember :

On all the nautical projects you will have to work very closely with the structure builder and designer because you have to balance out the weight ratio of all the things of major that you design and have fitted within the structure.

Now you can see that interior design is so wide and varied and it is a big industry. You may choose to cover all of these but you might find it more profitable to pick one specific area to specialise in. 

A lot of the techniques and knowledge is the same for all areas but like everything you will need extra knowledge for the specialist different areas.

I personally I’ve had the pleasure of  being an Interior Designer for the last 30 years. So Is an interior designer a good career? From my perspective yes most certainly and will always be.


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