Accessories interior design tips by Jayne Triggs
Accessories interior design tips by Jayne Triggs

Accessories Give Glamour to your curtain drapes with tiebacks. Add that luxury to your curtain drops by adding a beautiful tieback as you can choose between contrast in colours that really stand out and make a statement.

Give glamour to your curtain drapes interior design tips by Jayne Triggs
Give glamour to your curtain drapes

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You can choose a subtle contrast or perhaps the same colour with some added crystals plus other details, this still gives you that overall glamour statement with the Wow Factor. 

A touch of elegance by Jayne Triggs
A touch of elegance

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Give glamour to your window treatments with a benefit by having suppliers of the tiebacks ready-made they also do matching trims. Like bullion fringe braiding in different widths and finishes.

I Recommend Hallis Hudson who are a family business that supply the trade that we are in. And they have quite an extensive range of accessory and cater for all different trends . This is just one element of a bigger business to supply a lot of your hardware. And from your poles, tracks, to work room supplies, fabrics, blinds.

Elegance with a tieback interior design tips by Jayne Triggs
Elegance with a tieback
Add that finishing touch interior design tips by Jayne Triggs
Add that finishing touch

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I also recommend highly Jones-Interior which is a long established family business that supply the trade. They also cater for quite a discerning customer and one segment is tiebacks and accessories. The other segments are for your hardware plus all workroom supplies with exclusive design of fabrics. With wonderful bespoke poles, & top end range of tracks.  

The glamour with crystal tiebacks interior design tips by Jayne Triggs
The glamour with crystal tiebacks

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One of the benefits with a supplier of ready-made tiebacks is you have choices instantly to hand you just have to order them you do not have to rely on your Seamstress to make them for you plus you have a wider scope of choices.

Give glamour to your windows with both suppliers they do all the normal brands for poles and tracks within both company ranges. Because you have the beauty of having two suppliers on board they both have bespoke different items from the hand finished poles with exclusive fabric ranges and accessories.

I also recommend bespoke handmade tiebacks to match your curtain drapes. And the beauty of this you can have them made within centimetres, to hold the drape perfectly. Plus this also refers to shape style and the depth of the tieback. You can add your trims, braid, cording, flat border, and piping always finish the edge, even if it’s with a self piped edge.

Things I recommend to Remember:

You must always balance out the size of the tieback how wide your curtain drape is and the depth of the curtain drape. This will apply to handmade or an ordered products. You must allow enough fabric to pattern match each tie back and this refers to the width of the pattern repeat plus the depth of the pattern repeat. Make sure you fit the right size tieback hook to cater for your D ring or cord endings.

Tiebacks help you with your interior design whether it’s a modern interior, classical interior. And they will always add that touch of ultimate luxury finish to your window drapes.


Ps: Please also available good foundations to help you give the right finish to your curtain drapes.

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